Keith Floyd's Recipes


We all love Keith Floyd, don’t we?

Keith’s cookery TV programs inspired me to love cooking and made me realized its not that difficult. Having fun while cooking and having a “quick slurp” is all part of the fun.

During the years I have reversed engineered many of chef Keith Floyd’s recipes as they appear the cookery TV programs. I thought it could be fun to share it with the rest of you. Most of the recipes here were tested and cooked by me (and friends) and found to as accurate as a floyd recipe can be. If any of you have suggestions please feel free to to comment or send me your own recipe.

To keep the spirit of floyd’s cooking, I didn’t include measurements for ingredients but I did, however, kept floyd’s aliases. For example double cream will became “Wonderful thick double cream” – you know the drill 🙂
I also added Floyd’s “Quick Slurp” for the recipe, you can see it as QS with a purple wine glass in the information box.

If you wish to support, I have collected some of floyd’s cookery DVDs and cooking books from Amazon (books, DVD) and eBay, if you are planning to buy any, please use these links.

I wish you all great fun while cooking!