Veal Escallop with Mustard Sauce

March 2010 · 1 minute read
Veal escalope in mustard sauce
Its glistening yellow, it's golden, its mastered, its says dijon it says Burgundy!
A glass of bojole wine


  • Veal escallop
  • Dijon mustard (prefer the pale yellow one)
  • Unsalted butter
  • Wonderful thick double cream
  • Marc de Bourgogne liqueur (like brandy)
To a hot frying pan add some butter, put the escallop rub it in the butter, turn upside down and add salt and pepper. Fry for few seconds till they slightly under done. Flambe with the Marc de Bourgogne and take the escallop out to a plate. Add some cream to the pan and stir around (on maximum heat), add pepper and "excellent french unsalted butter" and melt it in to get a shiny sauce. Add little bit of mastered and stir, pure the sauce on the escallop.